Herrera Petroleum Corporation is one of the largest independent global supplier of petroleum Refined Products in the world. We are a privately owned professional energy company based in Latin America with offices all over the world specializing in exploration, production, distribution and global marketing of petroleum refined products, crude oil and certain petrochemicals.

With offices all over the United States of America, Herrera Petroleum has access to the entire American market as our distribution center is strategically located.

As a provider of midstream energy services to producers and consumers, the company markets all types of Gasoline, Diesel, Fuels and Crude Oils globally. The suppliers represent leading European, North and South American providers with global oil refining and hydrocarbon processing companies for premier refining and marketing of Petroleum Refined Products and Crude.

Herrera Petroleum is a family owned company. A well-established active business with interests in refining, fuels marketing, supply and distribution. The Business has a significant share of the Caribbean, Central America and South America downstream fuels sector. Core operations in Africa will include the sale and supply of fuels through a sizeable retail network, supported by strong market positioning across a diverse range of selected downstream activities.

The Business’ target core retail activities is to account for approximately 50 percent of the Business’ sales volumes and 56 percent of Gross Margins on fuels. The Business’ established retail network consists of a mix of company-owned and third party retailer-owned operations with the highest concentration of company-owned activities.

“Herrera Petroleum Corporation holds the leases of about 10,000 acres of land for oil exploration in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale for drilling, exploration, production and marketing of crude oil in the United States.”