Dr. Raul Herrera is the current Chairman of the Board of Herrera Petroleum Corporation. He has been internationally recognized for his design and management ingenuity. Under Dr. Herrera’s administration and while leading some of the industry most talented professionals, Herrera Petroleum Corporation has achieved broader capabilities, bolder strategies and extensive market penetration. Dr. Herrera has made the company become instrumental in solving some of the world’s most challenging global production projects to supply petroleum refined products and crude oil to the entire region.

The United States (US) is the largest consumer of oil in the world, while the US Energy Information Administration in its annual energy outlook for these years states US demand for petroleum based liquids will remain relatively flat over the next two decades, the size of the US oil market is such that requirement to boost domestic production to help prevent further growth in the share of oil imports is still substantial.

Herrera Petroleum Corporation is working to play a crucial role to reduce US petroleum demands for oil imports as its deepwater exploration in the region is becoming one of the few forecasted growth areas in terms of domestic production in the US.

We therefore expect to see Herrera Petroleum Corporation become increasingly important in meeting the US petroleum needs for the foreseeable future.

Herrera Petroleum Corporation offers superior quality of service, repetitive reliability, customer service and responsiveness while enabling large scale order processing.