Herrera Petroleum is premier Oil Company that leads in supplying high-quality products with superior customer service worldwide.
Herrera Petroleum mission is to service God with the revenue generated by providing high availability, cost effective, industry standard solutions and products that are pre-qualified prior to deployment, for the satisfaction of our clients’ specific demands internationally.

Herrera Petroleum is committed to:

  • Serving God is our number one mission.
  • We drive strategies for Customer Satisfaction by supplying environmentally clean, high quality products.
  • Aggressively pursuing growth opportunities, both domestically and internationally.
  • Continued development of all employees. Facilitating creative thinking, challenging environments and new employment opportunities.
  • Providing a rewarding experience to our customers, to satisfy needs, improve service, encourage teamwork and open communications.
  • Customer satisfaction by ensuring positive experience, providing reliable and responsive quality products with value, convenience and excellent services.
  • Taking a leadership role in our communities by providing company support to all our customers ensuring customer growth and encouraging employee involvement.
  • Herrera Petroleum is a very well interconnected company working globally to protect the product supply for our customers.